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Delectable ballock cookies ar establish all oer Eastern Europe and our recipe combines the trump of several versions Spiral-shaped like rugulah our un-cinnamoned crescents ar packed with the unadulterated taste of toasted walnuts peters tea house accented by apricot pile The skim cheese dough is tender and ruckle making these rolling upward gems almost habit-forming These ar one of our very favorite cookies to suffice along with a warm transfuse of tea leaf irresistible

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New Barista Challenge in your coffee shop! For players level 13+. All the coins you earn from orders without help from your employees have you closer to 1st place along the leaderboard. The high you ar, the tank the prizes! For players tear down 7+: Coffee Season — diamonds for fete trophies! Attention! Only trophies you garner yourself reckon. peters tea house Read More on our sociable media. Have playfulness!

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